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Sep 29 12

1st Published Conference Paper — RILEM

by dannyboy714

A conference paper highlighting some of my master’s thesis work is now available via SpringerLink. The title of the paper is New Field Testing Procedure to Measure Surface Stresses in Plain Concrete Pavements and Structures and is part of the conference proceedings from the 7th RILEM International Cracking in Concrete Pavements from June 2012. The host university was Delft University in The Netherlands.


Aug 25 11

News for ACI-UIUC Chapter

by dannyboy714

If you’re a civil engineering student, or would like to learn more about concrete and the construction industry, consider joining the UIUC American Concrete Institute (ACI) chapter on campus. We’ll be tabling at E-Night, so look for us next to the ASCE table. There will be pizza and great company. Also, we’re holding our first meeting this upcoming Thursday, September 1st at 6pm (location TBD). If you’re an undergraduate, there’s a great opportunity for some FREE travel, too, so drop by the first general meeting for more information.

Mar 8 11

Construction of Transbay Terminal Begins Soon

by dannyboy714

This article details the construction of a new terminal to replace San Francisco’s aging one. Some skyscrapers will be added to the city; but more importantly, capacity will be added for High Speed Rail to to reach the downtown business center. It would be interesting if a second transbay tube is constructed in my lifetime… It can provide for multi-modal access to the bay area that will certainly be advantageous for the region’s future growth and prosperity.

Mar 4 11

Renovation of Downtown Cores

by dannyboy714

San Francisco chose not to rebuild its downtown freeway after the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, and Boston elected to move its downtown freeway underground. Another city, Providence, RI, is taking steps to remove its downtown freeway entirely in order to rejuvenate its downtown area. Great way of beautifying old cities!