Project Work

Junior and Senior Capstone is a highlight of MADE, and I’m motivated to recruit teams of engineering students who are interested in the following project work in 2019-2021.

  • Bridge over Mossy Creek – This collaborative project leverages a timely opportunity to join a community’s efforts in rebuilding pedestrian foot bridges that were washed out in historic flooding in 2018. A team of students, faculty, and community stakeholders will reclaim and repurpose washed out materials in the design and construction of a new signature bridge, which will highlight material sustainability and resiliency against future flooding.
  • (Founding) Concrete Canoe Team Competition – In 1970, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Purdue University built full-scale canoes made out of concrete — and competitively raced them in open water! The National Concrete Canoe Competition has since grown to include Regional and National competitions that span the globe. Learn more about Concrete Canoe by clicking this link!
  • (Founding) Student Steel Bridge Competition – The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) runs the regional and national Student Steel Bridge Competitions. Students are tasked with rapid construction of pre-fabricated steel members that must be optimized for stiffness, lightness, construction speed, aesthetics, structural efficiency, and economy. Assembled bridges can measure upwards of 22-feet long! Learn more about Steel Bridge by clicking this link!
  • Sustainable, Low-Weight Cinder Blocks – A collaborative project across MADE and ISAT to explore lightweight aggregates that can be used in cinder block production. The faculty have interests in energy efficiency, material sustainability, material mixture design, mechanical optimization, and material science characterization. Learn more about this project by contacting Dr. Castaneda (MADE) and/or Dr. Stoltzfus (ISAT).

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